Programming Contest

Welcome to the Programming Contest

We are back, and this time you
can win your entrance to the
DevConf After Party
with a few lines of code.
We will have four contests, here are the links

The top 8 of each one will get a party button
To participate, use your own computer and follow
the instructions in the next slides to get enrolled.
To create a new account click over this box
It is possible to register with email or other accounts
Navigate using the menu bar on the top
You need to be on a team to enroll to a contest
In the contests menu go to teams
Click the create team button to create your team
Fill all the required fields and submit the form
In the contests menu go to tournaments
Look for the desired contest in the list
A red counter means the contest has not started yet
Click the register button to enroll
Select your team and click the register button
You should be able to see your team enrolled
When the contest starts, the clock will turn black
And problems will appear as clickable letters
Read the problem description, input and output
The submit link will take you to the submit form
Check the languague box before submitting
Use an external editor and paste your solution
Check you submissions at submissions / all
The result will appear in the answer column
Each problem solved appears as a colorful balloon
Wrong answers will appear as a white ballon
The number inside counts how many attempts
The number outside is the time of last submission
Only correct answers counts towards the total score
Each wrong attempt adds a penalty to the score
Score counts number of correct answers first
The tie break is based on the timestamp score
Having trouble to join the challenge?
Reach us in the Telegram group

Good luck!